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I might be working on one thing, so I have to shift gears at a moment’s notice.I’m not in the best state to answer it.” Email is the best method of reaching out to follow up, because you can demonstrate how interested you are in the role but also be respectful of your contact’s time.After you’ve followed up initially, follow up a second time, about a week later.

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Part of thoroughly learning about the company is reading over their website. Go to the company’s page and select “see all employees on Linked In.” From here you can also see if you have any connections that already work at the company.

Use that research to look over staff pages and find appropriate contacts. You can also use Linked In’s search with the company name and keywords associated with the role, team, or department.

Aggressive or rude [communication] moves me away from them.” Personalize your communications.

Don’t sound formulaic or like you’re working from a script or template.

Here’s a few examples of how to start the conversation: educated about the company.

“I am more interested in the candidates that tell me why they are interested in the role, rather than a general ‘Please look at my resume and let me know if you have any questions’ communication,” advises Spurr.It’s also best for you — as Spurr says, “It’s the best way for me to group my tasks and make sure that I sort things to complete!” Never follow up on a job application in person unannounced.It’s invasive and aggressive, especially early in the application process.Reaching out to a potential employer can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. “As an in-house recruiter,” Hernandez says, “These will be people we’ll be working with.One or two communications, spaced about a week apart, is enough.Megan Spurr, Senior Group Lead Social Media Manager for Microsoft (Xbox & Social AI) and hiring manager warns, “When I see the same applicant’s name in my inbox […], I feel like they might be a little more needy than I am looking in a candidate.” You might feel annoying when following up but it’s okay to follow up on an application submitted online as long as you’re respectful, polite, and considerate throughout the process.Learn how to use Linked In’s search operators to refine your search even further.Usually there’s a reason why it can take a little while to hear back from a company.Don’t apply to multiple jobs at the same company all at once or apply for the same position multiple times.It creates the perception you’re just mass applying and might not be qualified for of the roles. If you haven’t heard back, your resume might have ended up in application limbo.


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