Fracture Healing Biological Plate Osteosynthesis

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The MIRIS facilitated efficient MIPO in all three fractures.

Radial and tibial lengths were restored within 2% of the length of the intact bone and postoperative frontal and sagittal plane angulation were within 3° of the normal contralateral limb for each of the fractures.

The dog that underwent revision surgery developed a surgical site infection 5 months following revision surgery, which necessitated implant removal.

All three dogs had excellent limb function at the time of the final evaluation.

Iatrogenic soft tissue trauma and disturbance of the fracture environment are limited as implants are applied via small plate insertion incisions made remote to the fracture site [1–7].

Purported advantages afforded by this technique include reduced operative times compared to open anatomic fracture reconstruction [2, 10], low infection rates due to the shorter duration of surgery and limited exposure of the fracture site [8, 11–14], and shorter times to union ascribed to maintenance of the fracture hematoma and preservation of periosteal blood supply [15–17].

A recent canine cadaveric study was performed comparing the use of the MIRIS and a two-ring circular construct to facilitate alignment and reduction during MIPO applications using a comminuted radius and ulna fracture model [23].

The MIRIS allowed for shorter reduction times and simplified plate placement, without compromise to fracture reduction and alignment [23].

Postoperatively, dogs were given intermittent intravenous methadone (0.1–0.2 mg/kg) boluses every 4–6 hours for 24 hours following surgery.

Colorado pain scores were assessed every 4 hours following surgery to discharge and used to direct the analgesic protocol.


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