Frankenstein Essay Sympathy For The Creature

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Henry Clerval is enlisted to accompany Victor on his journey; Victor is initially displeased at this, as he had wanted to undertake his task in perfect solitude.

He is thrilled upon seeing Clerval, however, and reflects that Henry's presence will keep the creature from observing the progress of his work.

If he complies, the creature promises to quit the company of mankind forever.

Frankenstein cannot help but see the justness of this argument.

His home is greatly beneficial to his health and spirits, and he has once again grown strong and cheerful.

When his melancholy overtakes him (as it inevitably does), he takes refuge in solitude, and his good humor is soon restored.He realizes that several months of study are required before he can begin composing the second creature; he determines to study in England, as the discoveries of an English philosopher will prove essential to his research.He endlessly delays asking his father for permission to do so, instead electing to remain in Geneva.The elder Frankenstein, who has observed these changes with pleasure, takes Victor aside and asks him about his recent desire for solitude.He wonders if Victor has perhaps decided that he does not wish to marry Elizabeth, but has not told his father out of fear of disappointing him.Victor reassures him that nothing could be further from the truth: he longs to marry Elizabeth, but must first satisfy a desire to visit England.The idea of marrying his beloved with his hateful task still uncompleted is unbearable to him.Victor disguises his true reasons for going abroad to his father, and the elder Frankenstein immediately consents to his request.It is decided that he and Elizabeth are to be married immediately upon his return to Geneva.At this moment, he feels himself to be "the slave of [his] creature." Victor and Clerval meet at Strasbourg, and travel by boat through Germany and Holland, and thenceforth to England; they arrive at London in December.As he recalls their journey, Frankenstein is struck by the great difference between Clerval and himself.


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