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For that time he might be described, like many of his generation, as an instinctive nationalist who yearned for his country’s freedom, but, like most of his contemporaries, he had not formulated any precise ideas on how it could be achieved.Nehru’s autobiography discloses his lively interest in Indian politics during the time he was studying abroad.Earlier, Nehru and his father had been contemptuous of the run of contemporary Indian politicians, whose nationalism, with a few notable exceptions, consisted of interminable speeches and long-winded resolutions.

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On his return to India, Nehru at first had tried to settle down as a lawyer.

Unlike his father, however, he had only a desultory interest in his profession and did not relish either the practice of law or the company of lawyers.

Jawaharlal also had a venerable Indian tutor who taught him Hindi and Sanskrit.

In 1905 he went to Harrow, a leading English school, where he stayed for two years. From Harrow he went to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he spent three years earning an honours degree in natural science.

The quality in Gandhi that impressed the two Nehrus was his insistence on action.

A wrong, Gandhi argued, should not only be condemned but be resisted.The contending pulls and pressures that his experience abroad were to exert on his personality were never completely resolved.Four years after his return to India, in March 1916, Nehru married Kamala Kaul, who also came from a Kashmiri family that had settled in Delhi.Their only child, Indira Priyadarshini, was born in 1917; she would later (under her married name of Indira Gandhi) also serve (1966––84) as prime minister of India.In addition, Indira’s son Rajiv Gandhi succeeded his mother as prime minister (1984–89).His descendants, including Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi, were also prominent Indian leaders. As a boy, he was homeschooled in India, mostly by a series of English governesses and tutors.He continued his education in England, at the Harrow School in London and at Trinity College, Cambridge.Jawaharlal was the eldest of four children, two of whom were girls.A sister, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, later became the first woman president of the United Nations General Assembly.As India’s first prime minister, he worked to make India an important member of the international community.He dislodged the Portuguese from Goa but was less successful in disputes with China over Arunachal Pradesh and with Pakistan over Kashmir.


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