General Paper Essay Preparation

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One should consider focusing on multiple areas of a topic.

Familiarizing oneself with various issues in a topic is good.

This is because if they teach can’t find the critical cases; one can lose points.

Students can ask their tutors to time them as they do their writing practice.

However, even with an excellent grade in GP, it does not necessarily mean we will fare well in university.

It simply means we are well prepared for university essays, which are much more difficult than GP essays.Taking notes helps one to understand the ideas and facts that influence a particular event.The records, however, should be accurate and not sloppy for interpretation.The time to set should match with the time provided for each GP.When writing, it is vital to have all the remarks and arguments at hand and stated clearly.In Junior College (JC), we learn General Paper (GP) to write academic essays.GP prepares us well for university as essays (including those in exams) typically form a large part of your grade.You will be given a topic to research on and a question to answer about it.Compared to a typical GP essay question, you have to write up to 2000-3000 words on it and back your arguments up with credible data.Most university courses have a writing module at the start to prepare us for this.This may be a burden to some while others would simply breeze through.


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