Georgia Tech Essay Questions 2013

Georgia Tech Essay Questions 2013-28
Organized into six colleges -- Architecture, Computing, Engineering, Sciences, Ivan College of Liberal Arts, and Scheller College of Business -- the school offers degrees in 34 undergraduate majors with a focus on science, technology, research and innovation.

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As for the way we consider test scores, our approach is somewhat unique in that we “super-duper” score.

This does not involve masks, capes or invisible jets.

The incredibly slight difference between "good" and "excellent" or "great" is too often missed in the numbers, so we are committed to reading each application multiple times and have implemented steps and layers in our process to ensure we enroll a diverse, academically talented, and institutionally well-matched class.

We start by reading applications by geography —typically by high school. We want to see students choosing rigor, because Tech's curriculum is tough — and we know that students’ course choices in high school are an indicator of their desire to work hard and stretch themselves, i.e., that they are self-motivated and accustomed to juggling a full load of challenging academics.

It was the culmination of a plan spearheaded by two former Confederate officers to found a school that would move the south from an agrarian past into the industrial age.

Today, the GT campus, located in midtown Atlanta, occupies 400 acres and is home to more than 20,000 students.This is why our initiatives like Grand Challenges, Engineers Without Borders, Hungry Hackers, Sting Break, and others thrive.I love that our motto is “Progress and Service” — and that fundamentally we’re committed to “improving the human condition.” There is an undeniable ethos of humanitarianism coupled with world vision that is infectious.They are the type of people who believe there's always a better way that's yet to be discovered —they often think: "I could make that go faster, be more efficient, more effective, smaller, cheaper, more transportable, etc." With six colleges offering 34 majors, most with a heavy STEM focus, we draw students with more purpose and vision than the typical college-going student; they like to learn, they like to push themselves, and they want to be around faculty and other students who want to improve on a continual basis.I see our students as highly innovative, highly entrepreneurial — but also very intent on helping others.After a geographically assigned counselor reads the file, it's passed to committee where we again look at it not only in the context of a school, state or region, but with the overall pool.Again, the goal is to be sure we have perspective and knowledge that will allow us to dynamically build each class.Rick Clark, Director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Institute of Technology joins us this month to answer five questions about one of the country's leading public research universities.GT or Georgia Tech, as it's known, opened its doors in 1888 with two buildings -- one for classrooms, the other housing a foundry, forge, boiler room and engine room.Right now there are so many college admission-related issues swirling around.Arguably the biggest is the conversation surrounding the value of a college degree, especially in light of rising tuition costs, economic/marketplace uncertainty and pressures, as well as escalating student debt load — and reports on unemployment among recent graduates, etc.


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