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Gre Argument Essay Topics-23
It can be a little counterintuitive to analyze the structure of the argument and not the content of a piece of writing, but that's what practice is for!Each prompt will give you some context, a piece of written English, and a task that you'll have to respond to in your essay.

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All the potential argument essay prompts are available on the GRE website for you to practice with.

There are way too many to even think about writing an essay for each one and memorizing them all, but the list does give you unlimited practice material, and that always helps on a test like the GRE!

This rise in the commercial use of salicylates has been found to correlate with a steady decline in the average number of headaches reported by participants in our 20-year study.

Recently, food-processing companies have found that salicylates can also be used as flavor additives for foods.Over the past two years, the number of shoppers in Central Plaza has been steadily decreasing while the popularity of skateboarding has increased dramatically.Many Central Plaza store owners believe that the decrease in their business is due to the number of skateboard users in the plaza.Medical experts say that only one-quarter of Corpora's citizens meet the current standards for adequate physical fitness, even though 20 years ago, one half of all of Corpora's citizens met the standards as then defined.But these experts are mistaken when they suggest that spending too much time using computers has caused a decline in fitness.Try it risk-free Wouldn't it be great if you got the test questions in advance for every test you took, so you knew exactly what to study?Well, on the GRE Analytical Writing Section, you get exactly that: the GRE test writers publish a list of every single potential essay prompt on the website for anyone to see, But here's the catch: there are hundreds of possible prompts, and you don't know which two out of all those hundreds you'll get on the actual test.There has also been a dramatic increase in the amount of litter and vandalism throughout the plaza.Thus, we recommend that the city prohibit skateboarding in Central Plaza.Salicylates are members of the same chemical family as aspirin, a medicine used to treat headaches.Although many foods are naturally rich in salicylates, for the past several decades, food-processing companies have also been adding salicylates to foods as preservatives.


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