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They were constantly bickering with one another, seemingly incapable of getting along.Their efforts to sabotage one another was the Greeks’ explanation for the natural phenomena of the world and the complexity of human affairs.Metis aided Zeus in rescuing his siblings from Cronus, who was Zeus’s father.

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The first story will be told from a goddess’s point of view, Hera.

The second story will be about the Titaness, Metis. The fourth story will examine the life of Zeus’s last mortal mistress, Alcmene.

Simply put, the pantheon is made up of the twelve gods who lived on Mount Olympus, who are known as the Olympians.

These twelve gods ruled over everything on earth and directly intervened in the affairs of mortals.

Zeus’s strength, charm, and persuasiveness are some of his strongest points.

Zeus descended to Earth on numerous occasions, in disguise of course, to seduce maidens that he fancied.

She was beautiful and talented, everything a mortal man could want in a wife – and everything a god would want in a mistress. He hoped to convince her to be his, but Sinope was a smart and cunning nymph.

She knew better then to get tangled up with a God, especially one with a jealous wife. One day, while waiting for her husband return from a war, she was tricked by Zeus into bed.

When Zeus started to show an amorous interest, she figured her life would improve.

Little did she know, life with Zeus isn’t filled with rainbow and sunshine.


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