Grocery Store Business Plan

Grocery Store Business Plan-26
However, a detailed financial plan has been constructed and is attached within the appendices at the end of this plan.This shows that the business requires funding of £X, XXX, XXX to complete its programme.The objective for the business is to create a quality alternative convenience shopping experience for the consumer, one that will bring quality service at competitive prices.

To enable the business to operate on the basis of offering competitive prices, it is the intention of the proprietor to develop a partnership relationship with an existing grocery distribution or retailing brand so that the business will gain low cost competitive advantage from the economies of scale that partner can offer.

The will enhance the ability of the business to deliver consumer satisfaction and at the same time assist in the development of a loyal customer relationship.

The mobile shops will operate on a time slot basis at convenient locations that will serve between one and three streets.

Dependent upon demand, each area will be allocated between one or two slots a week.

Other financial considerations Cost Appendices Appendix 1 – Cash Flow Forecasts Due to the impact of supermarkets growth and rising costs the numbers of local and convenience stores are declining, particularly in rural areas.

Grocery Store Business Plan

The two stores will be of different sizes, with the larger on being based upon a refurbished coach, with the smaller vehicle being either a reasonable sized van or smaller coach version.

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Media, promotion strategy and advertising campaign 5.5. It is therefore seen that there is an opportunity for the introduction of a mobile grocery business to service these consumers needs on a regular basis, bringing convenience store benefits and prices to their locale.

This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Future Industry Developments Section 4 – Market Summary 4.1 Market Analysis 4.2 Market Segmentation 4.3 Market Research 4.4 Competition Analysis 4.5 Competition Strengths 4.6 Competition Weaknesses Section 5 – Sales and Marketing 5.1. This business plan presents the case for a business that will fill this niche market sector.

Between once and twice a week our mobile stores will bring convenience back to the local area.

It will reduce the trauma of having to make time consuming and difficult trips for the elderly and those who have time limitations.


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