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Before talking about my week, I do want to just take a second to reply to this tweet that I received: I will be honest that I make no claims to being expert in using it… That will require time and repetition (and how often do we say that to our classes? As I interpret it, SOLO is a means of giving learners the tools by which they can ask their own questions, and drive their own learning.

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I don’t know how well my overall approach to SOLO is going to go — it’s still too early to tell — but what I can say after my first week trying to apply some of the ideas in my classroom is that hexagons are amazing.

No argument, they make a profound difference to how I approach delivery, and more importantly, how learners engage with what they are doing.

Read on to find out how my #pedagooresolution is going.

For tips on Section 2 of the GAMSAT Essay consists of two different essays (usually called Task A and Task B), each in response to their own set of stimuli.

These prompts are presented as a set of quotes (usually 5), with each set centred around a common theme.


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