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As a result, education becomes a qualification measure for employment into any sector of the industry (Oak, M., 2008).People who have attained higher education are more likely to have a better career choice compare to those who has lower education qualification.

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Education is defined as the act or process of educating and knowledge, skill or value gained from one generation to another by a learning process.

As is traditionally believed, education is essential to developed one mind by enlighten the understanding, correct the temper and help to form a good manners and habits of youth.

Firstly, the important about education is knowledge gaining.

By knowledge gaining, it has generally been found that people who have educated are more mature and more able to think deeply about the problems that confront us in daily life (Teacher Mind Resource, 2001/02).

Therefore, we require education to encourage and increase our knowledge, skills and information.

Today, the world is changing rapidly and the importance of education in the world cannot be minimized.

In this way, education can improve the tolerance between different races of people in order to lives harmony and peacefully by understanding other culture or religious more deeply.

In recently, demand for a tertiary education is rapidly growing in the whole world.

It is true that if you are educated and you graduate as the honor degree or beyond any professional field, you are surely to have larger probability to be a part of good organizations, institutions, and companies.

Besides, the amount of better employment opportunities that are available for the tertiary education is definitely higher than secondary education qualification (Mc Guire, J., n.d.).


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