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The poem is about the people and the falling of the world around.Ginsberg holds a disdain for the world he is living in and expresses his point of view in this poem.In “Howl” there are various themes that can be found, from mechanization to religion.

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This type of madness associates with the trials and tribulations a man might go through in life.

Within the poem HOWL, Ginsberg expresses that despite the long road ahead in life, we are not fighting adversity solo, and that there are different ways to gain inner peace to cope with the head games life plays...

Many can relate to what Ginsberg and his friends have been through, also having experienced the same struggles.

The journey begins with thinking you’re the one with the problem, when in reality, society is the one at fault....

- In Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”, the idea of resistance is present in multiple forms.

On a thematic level, Ginsberg exploits the reasons the “best minds” of his generation are being destroyed (9).Ginsberg exemplifies Whitman’s influence on his own poetry, and emulates Whitman’s rambling style.(Kriszner & Mandell, 534) I intend to explore the varying tones and themes present including an adoration for Walt Whitman by the speaker and a general sense of embracing life in all its wonder in “A Supermarket in Califo...On a formal level, Ginsberg uses lengthy sentences to resist traditional styles of writing.Ginsberg was successful in his rebellion and gained substantial recognition; further supported by the fact he even had to fight for his freedom of expression in the court of law.Under his circumstances, it was a disease that was incurable.Ginsberg, along with the other famous beat poets of his time in the 1950s’, had a remedy to his madness which was what he did best, create poems.As a whole, “Howl” has been a controversial poem (and eventually film) ever since the public laid eyes on it....[tags: literary analysis, allen ginsberg] - Madness Consumes Us All Madness is a disease.In “A Supermarket In California” by Allen Ginsberg, the speaker of the poem meanders through the streets and imagines he encounters Walt Whitman in a supermarket.Ginsberg harkens back to the thoughts of the transcendentalists and throughout his aimless stroll, he questions Whitman and through his questioning complicates the notion of modern America....


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