How To Solve Algebra Problems With Fractions

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Then, we need to solve the equation(s) to find the solution(s) to the word problems.Translating words to equations How to recognize some common types of algebra word problems and how to solve them step by step: Age Problems usually compare the ages of people.We changed the problem to one we already knew how to solve! Solve using the General Strategy for Solving Linear Equations.

First, we need to translate the word problem into equation(s) with variables.HOW TO: SOLVE EQUATIONS WITH FRACTION COEFFICIENTS BY CLEARING THE FRACTIONS Step 1. This kind of equation will occur when we solve problems dealing with money and percent.Find the least common denominator of all the fractions in the equation. But decimals are really another way to represent fractions. So, when we have an equation with decimals, we can use the same process we used to clear fractions—multiply both sides of the equation by the least common denominator. Solution Look at the decimals and think of the equivalent fractions.The next example uses an equation that is typical of the ones we will see in the money applications in the next chapter.Notice that we will distribute the decimal first before we clear all decimals in the equation.Ideal for GCSE revision, this is one of a collection of worksheets which contain exam-type questions that gradually increase in difficulty.These review sheets are great to use in class or as a homework.Digit Problems involve the relationship and manipulation of digits in numbers.Distance Problems involve the distance an object travels at a rate over a period of time.Consecutive Integer Problems deal with consecutive numbers.The number sequences may be Even or Odd, or some other simple number sequences.


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