How To Start A 5 Paragraph Essay

These tips can lead even a novice writer to create a well written introduction that any essay would be lucky to have.

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The fifth and final paragraph of the essay contains the .

This concluding paragraph should repeat your thesis statement in slightly different words than used in your introductory paragraph.

Following the format presented above will help you write good essays.

Five paragraph essays contain a three paragraph body sandwiched by an introduction and a conclusion which take up one paragraph each.

Decide on what points you want to include in your essay and then tailor your introduction so that it represents them well.

It should not be redundant but it should give a good hint as to the direction you intend to take.

In essence, your concluding paragraph should make it clear to the reader that you believe you have proven what you set out to prove.

Writing essays becomes increasingly important as you progress through school.

As a good rule of thumb try to strip the introduction to its most salient points and then add only what is necessary to refine it.

Check for errors (with help from someone else) Having reached this far in the writing of your introduction all that is left is the proofreading and editing.


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