How To Write A Good Leadership Essay

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For example at a recent club session we done an exercise involving passing at the end of the session we evaluated it and found that there was too many mistakes so we repeated it the following week.Finally the last leadership skill is whilst with in a team environment, the skill is being able to adapt to change.My experiences of change have come from my years of playing and learning handball.

Change was a big issue, and by having the same people around him, helped him settle into the school, then we had to look to make the school an enjoyable and exciting place ,so motivating to encouraging him to do things that he would not normal do, like going to school clubs both sport, and non-sporting sessions.Evaluation skills are when I review the session to see how well the session went in line with the planed activity.This aids me to develop the following week’s session and in that so that I know whether or not I recap what I have previously done.At club level and abroad the coaches are a bit more laid back while the Great Britain coaches are a bit more aggressive due to them being more serious in their actions.The Swedish and German coaches that I have been coached by taught me that in particular when working with young children that we should make it a fun session with no aggression attached as there will be many mistakes made at that levels so you have to stay positive.As a coach I have to plan every session and in more detail every exercise according to age and ability.To supplement the planning and to know that it has went well, and then I am also developing and improving my evaluation skills.In my essay I am going to look closely at my skill and qualities in order to evaluate my own potential for leadership and draw conclusion based on this, which I hopefully will all be positive.I would say that through different experiences, such as sport, school, family household and general life, I have learned and demonstrated various leadership skills.Motivation is important when people are positive towards someone, and give them hope and belief then people can change their ways for the better.My example for these skills is when I helped to support and buddy, a pupil from the communication and support centre.


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