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GA Plenary and CRISIS delegates are to only submit 1 position paper for HAMUN 44.

Position Paper due dates for Crisis will be posted as soon as possible.

A good position paper will include: Your Positions Paper should not include information that is irrelevant to the topic at hand.

Do not spend time introducing your country, just introduce the topic and include about your country that is needed to understand how it has dealt with the issue.

Instead, the guidelines on what a successful Position Paper should include (below) are more specific and focused.

Writing Position Papers also serves the greater need of his delegation, as having documents that contain the country’s policy on all issues at the conference will promote consistency in policy among the various members of the delegation.After you choose your topic, make sure you have read the Background Guide provided by your committee.Each Committee, with the except of GA Plenary and the Crisis Committees, will select two Topics to be debated at conference.The solutions proposed in your Position Paper are the preliminary ideas that, during committee sessions, you should work to have ultimately included in a Resolution.Before getting started on your Position Paper, you will need to know your country, your committee, and the topic that you are writing about.To submit your paper, email it to [email protected] the subject “[Your Committee], [Your Country].” For example: “Philippines, DISEC.” If your your position paper is a CRISIS position paper, please make sure you submit these to [email protected] Papers should be 12pt font, Times New Roman, single spaced, and 1 – 1.5 pages in length.There are three parts to a Position Paper: the heading, the content, and the works cited.The guidelines for these papers relatively consistent across the board, giving delegates at HAMUN the chance to write at a higher, more technical level – the style of which is reflected in international studies programs and careers in diplomacy.An exceptional delegate will take these papers seriously as they are an opportunity to practice your research, writing, and -ultimately at conference- speaking, skills.A good paper will give more background on the issue and propose solutions, and as such will help get the conversation started in the opening sessions.Throughout conference, in addition to your other research, these papers will be a handy reference for your country’s position to use when working on speeches and Resolutions.


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