How To Write Outline For Research Paper

One of the most important steps when writing a research paper is to ensure that all of the information is compiled in an organized, logical and coherent manner.The most reliable method for achieving that goal is to outline your paper.The thesis will state the purpose of your research with either a stance or an observation.

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This would be the point where you would clarify that involuntary celibacy is rooted in problems far deeper than mere shyness.

For the above major point, a suitable minor point would be for you to debunk the simplistic types of knee jerk responses that most people would have towards this topic, such as "these men just need to get out and interact more often." An explanation of why that advice is unhelpful and condescending could help mitigate such attitudes among certain readers.

Additional major points for this topic could cover issues like the prospects of incels within the impersonalized urban sprawl of today's dating scene, as well as the ill psychological effects of a sexless, loveless life and how the present day emasculation of men has run contrary to modern female expectations. Restatement of the Thesis: The current number of American incels, which could be in the hundreds of thousands, is hard to determine since most men suffering this condition are too ashamed to be forthcoming about their problem, but women can help these men by offering sympathy, understanding, encouragement and sound advice on how to socialize and be more attractive. Next Steps: Sympathy should not be mistaken for pity; the way to show sympathy towards incels is to destigmatize the problem so than sufferers can be more open and candid about their experiences.

Minor topics here could touch upon things like the ineffectiveness of pickup routines for most incels, the detrimental effects of hypergamy among women and the erroneous stereotypes that are waged at men who cannot get sex. Major Point 4: Raising men to be meek and passive, while at the same time encouraging women to demand more and more from men at large, has left society in a predicament where fewer men are able to attract women. Minor Point 1: When a majority of women are competing over a minority of men, vast numbers of men become disillusioned and less productive, which can negatively impact the economy (cite sources). Minor Point 2: Hypergamy often leads to spinsterhood because, by the time many women feel their body clocks ticking and realize they need to stop the alpha pursuit, many same-aged betas and omegas will have already given up on women and the dating scene (cite sources). Going forward, society could work collectively towards helping these men overcome this problem.

If your research leads you to the latter conclusion, you could offer some general ideas of why things have turned out that way.

The major points in a research paper are the key elements that support your thesis.Once you have worked through your outline, you will be able to tell with greater certainty if your argument is compelling and solvent, or if further work is needed to flesh out your ideas.A properly done outline can also help prevent you from going off on tangents or writing incomplete paragraphs and sentences.The below guideline explains the step-by-step process of creating a research paper outline.With the introduction, you put the topic of your paper into context for your audience.When outlining your paper, you will also have a chance to improve upon your writing and editing skills.Outlining not only inspires you to think more intensively about your topic, it can also help you develop and plan for the course of your paper.One major point to address would be the social anxieties suffered by male incels.Here, you could talk about how incels—some of whom are handsome, well-groomed and financially successful—will have typically struggled, unsuccessfully, to overcome their awkwardness and interact with women.The proceeding pages of your paper will consist of further major and minor points, each of which should build upon the prior point and all of which should lend additional weight to your thesis.Once you have covered all the relevant points, you should then be ready to conclude your research paper.


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