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And this amount of money can even get bigger if the person gets a doctorate or a postgraduate specialty.According to an MBA study in 2015 made by The Economist, people who studied and eventually achieved an MBA had an increased salary of over 100%.

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However, there are many other benefits from studying an MBA that people tend to look for when choosing to study an MBA, and these are: Many students for MBA have decided to study and get their diploma because of this.

The increase on the salary for MBA graduates can get up to $85,000 depending on the exact field of work.

Yes, getting an MBA can get even more opportunities for you than before.

Just as with a doctorate and a postgraduate study, getting an MBA will help the scholar immensely when it comes to getting better job opportunities thanks to the new skills and knowledge he will learn.

From having to submit two references, they downgrade to asking for one reference for now and one later.

A day after I submitted my personal statement and reference, I was asked back for an interview. They give 8-14 days grace time for you to make decision. Actually I was talking to one of my friends about this university who recently gave his GMAT and scored a 710 and he keeps getting calls from them almost daily, asking him to enroll for the MBA program.Everything about the course/college looks good in their prospectus and website but a real time review from a current student is what i need. Would you go out with a chick who make a pass to everyone and anyone? she might be decent looking, but is it worth spending that kind of money on her? My application process is smooooth which proves all your points about it being desperate: I was first contacted by their Admission Coordinator for arranging a phone chat about my interest in enrolling.Is there anyone out here whose studying/studied at HULT ? The sent me their prospectus when I didn't request for it and emailed me that I'm eligible for their scholarship when I have never even heard of them. (Sounds too good to be true ) They presumed to attract more than 65 students this year for their MIB program and are expecting the number to go up.I blame GMAC (GMAT company) for revealing my information.... One of the most eye catching feature about their course was the Global Rotation Program where you can choose to do your elective courses in their different campuses located around Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai. I am having an phone interview with Hult in a few days time for MIB.Would you go out with a chick who make a pass to everyone and anyone? she might be decent looking, but is it worth spending that kind of money on her? Then I had this almost 2 hours long phone call with an Admission Manager who looked at my CV and introduced the MIB course to me.The end of the phone call is urging me to submit an incomplete application form online for them to proceed. Afterwards, I was put to another manager who looks after my materials.When it comes to the skills an MBA student will get, these will depend on the area of study that was chosen, however, all of them will be totally transferable, especially if they have to do with the student’s profile.Most MBA graduates end up enjoying from successful careers within their own industry, with 10% of those who study the in the same field of specialty. Anyway, upon further investigation, it seems that the school is decent and is ranked quite favourably as a business school - however, the brand name is non-existent, I've never heard of them before I received their prospectus and my first impression was 'What the hell is this ex-poly prospectus doing here on my doorstep? I've never heard anyone mentioning about this University in any of major forums (even this one) and this MIB program was just launched last year. They really sound to desperate but as u said the university is placed pretty well in the league tables but i still have my doubts.


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