Ideas For Business Plans For Students

Then you can become a career coach and counselor simply by leaking these secrets to other students.4.

Sports training service If you are a good athlete and sportsman, think about starting a personal sports training service aimed at teaching fellow students who are interested in becoming skilled sportsmen like you.

They will prefer your services to that of the college because yours will save their time and provide more comfort and flexibility.

Tutoring service As a college student, chances are you are particularly good in one or two subjects.

You can use either an on-campus facility or a local fitness facility off campus.5.

Party promotion Most college students love partying.

If your parent has an old car that has been abandoned for a long time, you can fix it and start a micro transport service.

Chances are your fellow students need transportation to and from campus.

You’ll make a lot of money by offering to teach others who are having problems with those subjects — most especially if they are very important subjects that students must pass before promotion or graduation.3.

Career counseling If you have good communication skills, you can meet the recruiters and employers in the on-campus career center to learn what they are looking for in job applicants.


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