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Everyone is different and Lawino accepts that, unlike Ocol.

Though maybe, for me, Ocol is imagined to be as the man who doesn’t feel like he belongs there in the Acoli tribe by the way Lawino sings on his awkwardness in dancing in the arena.

They involve a lot of imagery of different kinds to various everyday things surrounding us.

She describes her husband, Ocol, the son of the Chief as spiteful and arrogant by comparing him to animals and natural sources.

(Figurative language includes literary tools such as similes and metaphors - we'll discuss them more next week).

Imagery is a very powerful tool in an author's arsenal, and as such, it's a great tool to discuss when writing a literary analysis.

In the beginning of the play, Othello was seen to be a lot different from Iago.

Othello was a noble gentleman and was known for his greatness.

Animal imagery helps show who the characters truly were. Vivid images are placed in the reader’s head, which makes the play a lot easier to understand.

Animal imagery also helps show contrast between things; especially characters.


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