Importance Of Literature Review In Research Report

Importance Of Literature Review In Research Report-3
• Government/corporate reports: A good source for a Lit Review.Many government departments and corporations commission or carry out research.• helps the researcher avoid repetition of earlier research.

• Government/corporate reports: A good source for a Lit Review.

“Non-scholarly” sources, i.e., those you don’t want to reference, include but are not limited to magazines, newspapers, web sites, and non-published material.

The Lit Review does not have to be exhaustive; the objective is not to list as many relevant books, articles, and reports as possible.

These are good especially for up-to-date information.

They are frequently used in Lit Reviews because they offer a relatively concise, up-to-date format for research, and because all reputable journals are refereed or peer-reviewed, i.e., editors publish only the most relevant and reliable research that has been reviewed by other experts in the field.

• identifies gaps in previous studies; identifies flawed methodologies and/or theoretical approaches; avoids replication of mistakes.

• identifies possible trends or patterns in the literature.• tests assumptions; may help counter preconceived ideas and remove unconscious bias. The “literature” is the collection of books and journal articles, government documents, and other scholarly works you found to be relevant to your research topic.• Journal articles: An excellent source for a Lit Review.A Lit Review is written in the style of an expository essay; it has an introduction, body, and conclusion, and it is organized around a controlling idea or thesis.Compare this to an annotated Works Cited list, which is simply an alphabetized list of sources accompanied by summaries and evaluations (annotations).A Lit Review is about the existing literature on your subject and provides background for your own research findings or commentary.How much sense does your research make if you don’t provide background to the reader about past research conducted by others? A Lit Review provides your reader with a survey of the professional publications available on your topic.A Lit Review: • places the paper within the context of known research on the subject; focuses one’s own research topic.• provides thorough knowledge of previous studies; introduces seminal works.It is impossible to characterize the information available but here are some hints about using electronic sources: 1) bear in mind that anyone can post information on the Internet so the quality may not be reliable, and 2) the information you find may be intended for a general audience and so may not be suitable for inclusion in your Lit Review (information for a general audience is usually less detailed and less scholarly). Magazines intended for a general audience, e.g., Time, Us, National Enquirer, will not be useful in providing the sort of information you need.Note: This section does not refer to scholarly articles located on the Du Bois Library databases. Specialized magazines may be more useful (for example business magazines for management students), but usually magazines are not useful for your research except as a starting point by providing news or general information about new discoveries, policies, etc.


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