Importance Of Moral Values In Higher Education

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To mention that human values reflect the personality of the people and are the expression of the cultural, moral, affective, social and spiritual transmitted by the family, the school, social peer, by the institutions and the society in which they live, we must think of an education geared to meet the requirements imposed by these instances (Saviani, 2002) .

The school is the first social space that is presented to the child after the family experience, and is basically the first scenario in which the child learns to be subject in life.

Identifying two main functions of the values, we can define as motivator (materialist or humanitarian law) and guidance (personal, social or central).

The combination of such functions makes it possible to derive sub-functions that explain the psychosocial organization (structure) of human value.

Some articles were common to databases and after a full reading of these were selected twenty-three studies for systematic review.

The rest have been removed for not meeting the inclusion criteria (Figure 1).

For the analysis and synthesis of selected articles was conducted a summary table contemplating various information extracted from them and then a descriptive analysis of the results. Valores Priorizados por Estudantes Universitários de um Curso de Psicologia de uma Universidade Pública. Ulucinar, U., Akar, C., Demir, M., & Demirhan, G. An Investigation on Epistemological Beliefs of University Students.

In relation to the year of publication, has identified the prevalence of studies published in 20 with 4 articles each year and, then, were the years of 2008, 2011, 20 with 3 articles each year. It was observed that the values inherent to college students present a limited number of research, although with some concern over the past fifteen years, which could be supposed to be due to the international crisis. Sedaghatnia, S., Lamit, H., Abdullah, A., & Ghahramanpouri, A. Experience of Social Inclusion among Students in University Campuses of Malaysia. Procedia—Social and Behavioral Sciences, 46, 5133-5137.

And, as what we see today is a profound crisis of values, educating in values arises as a permanent requirement, caused by the culture of modernity that presents an urgent need for an education geared toward the teaching of moral values.

The global ecological calamity is adverse and incompatible between rich/poor, consumerism/ savings, fanaticism/atheism, apathy/agitation, unemployment/dubious occupations, placing the young university students in a dilemma, risking to destroy nature and be themselves victims of this degradation, expressing insecurity, anger, aggression, anxiety, depression and even some suicidal ideations and self-muti- lation, calling into question to your own life. Methodological Design This research based on a systematic review of the literature with narrative summary.


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