International Organizations Essay

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at 174-81 (citing as examples the IMF’s coercion of states to get on the “right track,” IO “shaming” techniques, establishment of “best practices,” strategic use of information, agenda-setting activities, and other “constitutive” activities; the latter relate, for example, to defining what constitutes “development” or even a legitimate state (as in determining the proper scope of peacekeepers regarding the maintenance of a free market, a working democracy, and the “rule of law”). As Laurence Heifer has noted, today’s scholars attempt to resolve the potential conflicts brought about by the proliferation of IOs (as through proposals for normative and institutional hierarchies between institutionalized regimes), seek to improve compliance with IO-generated norms, attempt to deter states’ attempts to enter and exit institutionalized regimes, and generally try to buttress the legitimacy of IOs. (discussing, among other things, the tendency of powerful nations to use the votes of their nonsovereign colonies to enhance their voting prowess, to the detriment of sovereign equality, in administrative unions).

For a survey of UN contributions to development thinking and practice, see, for example, Thus, some scholars and policymakers have proposed creating new interstate organizations to handle environmental issues, refugees, counterterrorism, or international investment. Justice, pending); Questions of Interpretation and Application of the 1971 Montreal Convention Arising from the Aerial Incident at Lockerbie (Libya v. note 102, at 383 (criticizing the turn to “imperial” law through the vehicle of “predatory economic globalization”).

There is a large literature on how IOs are formed by states to overcome collective problems, produce Pareto improving outcomes, and enable efficient solutions to contracting problems, incomplete information, and other market imperfections. Note that even some instruments not produced within IOs, such as the international standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and soft codes produced by some IOs, may come to be “hardened” (or enforced) through the actions of other IOs. 14); Military and Paramilitary Activities in and Against Nicaragua (Nicar. Thus, WTO decisions have had an impact on the practices of both the executive and the legislative branches in the United States notwithstanding that WTO law is not “self-executing.” , United States—Sections 301-310 of the Trade Act of 1974, Doc. 27, 2000) (holding the United States to its word that it would not unilaterally enforce trade remedies inconsistently with its WTO obligations).

Reparation for Injuries Suffered in the Service of the United Nations, Advisory Opinion, 1949 ICJ Rep. 11) (finding that the attributes of the United Nations as an international legal person can be derived from a “principle of effectiveness” that implies the existence of certain powers even when these are not otherwise stated in its charter [such as the power to conclude treaties, nowhere mentioned in the UN Charter, or to bring an international claim for injuries], if these are necessary to enable that organization to fulfill its purposes). As the debate over the legality of Operation Iraqi Freedom suggests, even within the United States the public debate is not limited to determining whether the U. Congress authorized that operation but extends to whether the UN Security Council implicitly did so. As this debate also implies, the participation of a state in IOs changes the dynamics between its branches of government (executive, judicial, and legislative) and, if it is a federal state, may also alter the dynamics between the federal and state levels. For these authors, an “asset specific investment” is one that can realize its full value only in the context of continued relations with another party or that requires binding another person over time. At the same time, Slaughter apparently no longer claims that transnational networks are displacing IOs; her more recent work acknowledges that these networks often work alongside and in tandem with IOs. 229, 240 (2004) (describing how some see a “new struggle between an unmediated foreign policy moralism advocated by a single superpower and an anti-imperial formalism insisting on mediation through law and international institutions”).

The intergovernmental form of decision making regards the union as an international body, which is separate from the governments of the member states, whereas the federal form of decision making regards the union as a federation, which comprises of various...

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This essay stresses that European Union is a an entity which has influenced the ways in which the European nations interact with each other, and how they collaborate in order to develop one single entity in face of the rest of the world.

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note 100 (arguing that IOs are undemocratic to the extent that they strengthen the powers of the executive branch, enhance the power of certain interest groups over others, or bolster the power of IO bureaucrats).

(contending that while powerful constituencies within the United States and the European Union, such as large multinationals and trade associations, harness state power in the WTO to promote their interests, business and NGOs in smaller countries cannot).


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