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The first thing to take into account regarding the biblical position of libertarian free will is what the Bible says about God.

The Bible describes God as sovereign, and sovereignty designates control.

The choices that man makes emanate from his desires.

God grants the creature a certain amount of freedom, but that freedom always operates within the boundaries of God’s sovereignty.

Now, we must be careful not to swing to the (equally) unbiblical view that God is the divine Puppet Master and we are merely His puppets.

This is the view of hard determinism in which man is reduced to an automaton making robotic responses to situations.

As mentioned earlier, the word “autonomous” is key in understanding libertarian free will.

The word basically means “self-government.” It is derived from two Greek words, autos and nomos, which mean “a law unto oneself.” This is libertarian free will in a nutshell.

We, as free moral agents, can make our own decisions and are not subject to the will or determination of another.

In any given situation, let’s call it X, we can freely choose to do action A.


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