Literary Essay Structure Introduction

By the way, it applies to any type of work: before starting anything, you need to make a plan in order to reach the maximum efficiency in your doings. While writing an outline, you can see more clearly how your essay will look like.Back to your task - first, put together the structure. Getting the "big picture" of it all is a crucial stage of writing.

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In it, the author portrays the human nature as a neutral state.

People are born with neither good nor bad qualities, but they are shaped by the society and circumstances of their lives. nurture" is as old as the literature itself, but in this essay, I would like to look more closely at the destiny of one particular character. His story is made even more interesting in this discourse, for he was brought up as an aristocrat, but ended up on the barricades fighting to bring down the king.

You only need to mention the points that connect directly to your thesis statement.

After that, it's time for our usual argument-example scheme.

After that, it's all about convincing your reader in the main body.

A little tip: write your introduction when the rest of the essay is done.

You need to have at least three paragraphs on this, as per usual. Bring out the references to the text or some other sources to relate to your arguments.

There's no restriction about using quotes straight from the text, but it is advisable to avoid them.

When you get to the part of the actual analysis, it's time to whip out a good old argumentative structure. Describe how and what the author does to highlight something, bring attention to it, or deny it.

In the textual analysis, you are required to provide a few examples regarding your thesis statement, following by the explanations and elaborations that prove the said statement to be true. Don't write about everything there is in the book, though.


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