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Hope in One Person As a whole society we all need rules and punishments to keep unruly people in line.Though we are all not the same type of people, there is all ways a natural born leader to bond a discouraged and uncooperative group of people together towards hope.The boys in the novel fight the urge to cause pain and to have power. However, once the tribes have been split, the two twins, Samneric, finally realize that Piggy is the one that should have been chosen as the true leader.

The experience of war may have had a profound effect on the Golding’s view of the evils humans are capable of commiting.

Lord of The Flies was written in 1954, after the war.

Also their respect for each other brings peace and happiness for a little while on the island.

Through Ralph's leadership, hope is obtainable for all those who live on the island.

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Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.The idea of the fire enhances the capability of Ralph's leadership skills and reasoning.This also ensures Ralph the confidence to be more then willing to face greater and more impossible challenges in the near future.William Golding was born in the 20th century roughly around the time World War I was taking place.He went to Oxford and shortly after starting his studies as a natural scientist, changed his focus to English Literature.Through Ralph's Leadership, hope was not a dream and it brought reality towards rescue.Trust destroyed peace within the society Ralph had built in the novel, Lord of the Flies.However, as time passes and the boys remain on the island, some start descending into savagery by doing things such as rituals and to the extreme case of murder. Because of these traits, which affect his perosnal appearance, he is not chosen as leader.Even the most civilized of them all eventually Boyadjian 2 takes part in a murder, which clearly exhibits Golding’s purpose of savagery that naturally occurs in humans. The more attractive boy is picked as leader, Ralph, because this is what society has taught the boys to do.In stead of working they screwed around, that cost them dearly in up coming events in the book.Ralph's other fatal mistake was to trust Jack with power.


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