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However, you can see their soft side when they are in the company of little kids and I have experienced this side of my pet Doberman whom we lovingly called, Bruno. My parents shifted to Goa soon after their marriage. It was a beautiful house that was well-suited for a family of two.However, the only problem was that the house stood aloof.You can use these ‘my pet dog essay’ in your school and college essay writing, debate, speech and other similar competitions and leave a good impression on your teachers and friends. Though everyone in the family takes care of Swigi, my sister is especially particular about its cleanliness, vaccinations and eating habits. We make sure it gets its food on time and goes for stroll twice every day. Swigi is quite an active dog and loves playing with ball. Having a Labrador as a pet serves a double purpose.

Dogs are extremely faithful and want nothing but the best for their masters. It is very protective about our family and thus guards our house at all times. It is an extremely lively dog and always keeps us on toes whenever we are out to play with it.

We have named it Buddy and it indeed is our best Buddy. Buddy has gelled along extremely well with our family and loves all of us dearly. My Pet Dog’s Features With their long and low bodies, Dachshunds look quite different from the other breeds of dogs.

We have provided below short and long essay on my pet dog in English language for school going children and students. I somehow wanted to pet a cat but my elder sister, Riya is almost crazy about dogs and was adamant that we get a dog as a pet.

The essays have been written in simple language, yet are useful and informative and will let you understand the advantages of a pet dog and how it is a good companion, a guard and an honest friend. Other members of my family also believed that keeping a dog as a pet was a better choice and so a cute little one month old pug came home with us that day and became a part of our family. We take it to the terrace and bathe him with a pipe. It is light brown in colour and has a strong built.

Our home is a more secure place because of the presence of Barney.

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Participation in Dog Show Many people bring home pets and forget about them. We take good care of Barney and always love involving it in different activities.

Since it is small in size, it is not a hassle to take it along.

It does not even require much food which makes it quite travel-friendly.

My mother was already fond of dogs and Bruno became her best friend in the new city. I was extremely attached to Bruno and so was my mother. I felt really bad and wished that I too had a dog as a company. As soon as, the thought of keeping a pet dog came into my mind, I rushed to my mom and told her that I want to get one home.

Since, Doberman require exercise every day, she took it for walk twice every day. Bruno grew extremely fond of me as soon as I was born and guarded me all the time. However, we had to give it away as my father got a good job opportunity in the United States and we had to shift there for two years. My mother just laughed and dismissed my request with a pat on my cheek. This infuriated me and I told her that I really wanted a pet.


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