M.A Thesis In Linguistics

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A Critical Analysis of Federal Refugee Resettlement Policy and Local Attendant English Language Training in Portland, Oregon, Domminick Mc Parland PDF Explorations into the Psycholinguistic Validity of Extended Collocations, J.

Arianna Morgan PDF A Comparison of Linguistic Features in the Academic Writing of Advanced English Language Learner and English First Language University Students, Margo K.

The culmination of the Ph D program of study is a doctoral dissertation, prepared with the guidance of a thesis advisor.

The dissertation must demonstrate originality and ability for independent investigation, and the results of the research must constitute a noteworthy contribution to knowledge in the field.

Students should start out by formulating a clear plan for the structure of the thesis, in consultation with their supervisor. Questions of style will only become relevant at a later stage.

Keep in mind that information which may not at first be included in the thesis might be useful later on, e.g. It is important to be precise and systematic in writing down one’s sources to avoid wasting time and looking up the sources and notes again at a later stage.

Abdulaziz PDF Self-Efficacy in Low-Level English Language Learners, Laura F.

Blumenthal PDF The Impact of Wiki-based Collaborative Writing on English L2 Learners' Individual Writing Development, Gina Christina Caruso PDF Latino Men Managing HIV: An Appraisal Analysis of Intersubjective Relations in the Discourse of Five Research Interviews, Will Caston PDF Opportunities for Incidental Acquisition of Academic Vocabulary from Teacher Speech in an English for Academic Purposes Classroom, Eric Dean Dodson PDF Emerging Lexical Organization from Intentional Vocabulary Learning, Adam Jones PDF Effects of the First Language on Japanese ESL Learners' Answers to Negative Questions, Kosuke Kanda PDF "Had sh'er haute gamme, high technology": An Application of the MLF and 4-M Models to French-Arabic Codeswitching in Algerian Hip Hop, Samuel Nickilaus Mc Lain-Jespersen PDF Is Self-Sufficiency Really Sufficient?

Generally speaking, students are encouraged to select the topic of their thesis themselves usually based on a Master’s course that they followed.

In case of doubt, students can always consult the coordinator of studies.


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