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We offer data-rich reports for any locality, down to the county level. I call it 'Own Your Local Market' and in one week at a newspaper we are scoring 0k to 0k for smaller newspapers.” "The Borrell data has replaced other data that we used to use.We are the leading experts in monitoring and forecasting local advertising trends. There may be others that are estimating market potential and then trying their best to gauge where that money's being spent, but I don't know anybody that's doing it as robustly as Borrell." "We leverage your data often for the Boston market.

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Purchase this book MARCH 2002 | EPI Book by Douglas Gomery Introduction In 1975 the Federal Communications Commission initiated the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rule, which bars a single company from owning a newspaper and a broadcast station in the same market.

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We document that product positioning provides the mechanism underlying our results.

While Friedman (1962) argues that the use of political channels tends to strain the social cohesion essential for a stable society,' while, by contrast, widespread use of the market reduces the strain on the social fabric by rendering conformity unnecessary,' mounting evidence on media markets suggests otherwise.

We document the pattern of preference externalities among black and white consumers of daily newspapers in the US.

We find that, in their capacity as newspaper consumers, members of each group benefits themselves and either harm, or fail to benefit, each other through the product market.

After mild growth of about 4% in 2018, we’re forecasting a more tepid 2019 with growth under 1%. Large and small companies ask, ‘What should I be spending to be competitive?

The housing market has changed considerably since the Great Recession, and so has the way advertisers spend their money. It’s an important question, and we know the answer. ’ Borrell gives us the more intelligent answer.” “The combination of specific market data found in Compass reports, regularly released industry and benchmarking data, the annual conference and the personal service I receive from Borrell Associates are honestly the only tools I need to make the right strategic and tactical decisions.” “I wanted you to know that I am using your data on a regular basis to help our newspaper clients grow revenue.


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