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Furthermore, Medea’s actions due to hatred destroy her future.

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These quotes demonstrate a strong theme in the Greek play Medea written by Euripides.

In the play Medea, the protagonist Medea learns that her husband Jason breaks every vow and betrays her by taking another woman to bed.

The protagonist of the play, Medea, demonstrates an excessive passion which leads her to destruction. However, Medea’s suicidal mind fades away as her excessive passion feeds upon her hatred and rage which leads her to uncalled acts of revenge.

The strongest factor that contributes to Medea’s unreasonable passion is her extreme love for Jason. The protagonist passionate love for Jason deceives her thoughts and leaves her with nothing but hope for Jason’s love. She calls out to the gods to pray that “[she] may see [Jason], him and his bride and their entire place hattered for the wrong they dare to do [her] without cause” (P. Motivated by animosity, Medea successfully murders the Princess and the king.

In text, Medea’s abundant love for Jason causes her to do anything for him, including sacrificing her own family.

On the other hand, Medea’s excessive hatred overpowers her mind and becomes overboard with her actions.[he][is], in every kind of difficulty,” he exclaims, “what luckier chance could [he] have come across than this, an exile to marry the daughter of the king? However, an extremity of reasoning may lead to neglecting the feelings of others. Even though both have positive and negative aspects, in Euripides’ view having excessive passion is better than excessive reasoning.He consummates the play with Medea having her triumph and escaping to Athens with “such a chariot has Helius, [her] father’s father given [her] to defend from [her] enemies” (P. With Medea having the final victory, readers may tell that Euripides chooses passion over reason.For instance, Medea plans “Next after [killing the princess]; for [she] shall kill [her] own children” (P. Medea killing her own children will surely be the most evil act of humanity and all result from immoderate passion.Also, positive and negative aspects of logic are shown through Jason’s arguments.In addition, because he disregarded Medea’s love for him, he does not take into consideration that it is his betrayal that outrages Medea.Having too much reasoning and too little passion, Jason is left with nothing but hopeless and misery. Medea’s final blow to Jason’s life is providing him with a prophecy about his death. Both passion and reason have its own strengths and weakness which expresses through the main characters of Medea.Firstly in his mind, Jason sees everything to be explained by reason.Jason betrays Medea by marrying the Princess of Corinth.The main characters express an extremity of either passion or reason which leads them to their own downfall; moreover, through both Medea and Jason’s actions, the strength and weakness of each attribute is revealed.According to the Oxford Dictionary, passion is defined as a “strong and barely controllable emotion and a state or outburst of strong emotion”.


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