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Furthermore, Harris (2009) states that consumerism and popular culture “are entwined and produce a self-fulfilling prophesy” (p.212).

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And, of course, you can search on the Web where you will find numerous articles, blogs, surveys, and interviews, which might inspire you. When you have a plan, even a general one, you can see the whole text idea in your head.

Making a plan can help you organize your thoughts, think of some good examples you are going to provide, decide how to cite the information sources, and what points you are going to discuss. Every essay must have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Most students want to write about something interesting and of current interest, something that is relevant and will fascinate the readers.

So, here’s a list of some cool topics for your pop culture essay: If you don’t want to write about the same thing as your classmates, we have gathered the most interesting pop culture essay topics and examples of texts. I had to finish the last chapter of my dissertation on Physics, but I couldn’t write a word.

The first step to writing a good essay is, of course, choosing a topic.

You can try asking your friends, classmates, and family what they are interested in.This way, you will know which issue or subject is of current interest among common people.You can also use popular magazines or newspapers, as there is always useful information on current events.But because popular culture is a rather broad phenomenon, many students feel confused and don’t know which topic to choose.Also, because it is so widespread, it is hard to find a topic that could really stand out among other essays.The consumerist values reflected in the show and lifestyles of the Kardashians illustrate how they are the epitome of popular culture.For example, the recent wedding on the TV show was paid for entirely by advertising revenue (Kenny, 2012).It’s important to format your paper correctly not only because your grade will depend on it but also because the correct structure of the text will help you organize your thoughts.Don’t forget to check the validity of your sources and filter the information.At the same time, many students face difficulties with composing such type of essays.They can’t decide which topic to choose, how to start talking about it, how to format the paper, or how to provide relevant examples.


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