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In the US, 69% of personal care companies failed to regularly update their websites and 12% did not remove out-of-date promotions (Miguel, 2014, p. This dissertation aims at testing on whether the situation in the UK beauty industry is better and if their social media strategies are generally effective in reaching customers. To view the full dissertation click here The aim of the present paper is to assess whether mergers and acquisitions (M&A) create value.

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This process refers to the management of a product through all stages from inception, primary sales period and decline, and can be a lengthy process, particularly in industries where the early stages of research and development are long (Stark, 2015).

The rationale for adopting this approach is that as Prajapati (2013) note, when a product’s lifecycle is extended, there is competitive edge, and improved management of resources.

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The analysis relies on testing the deviations of abnormal returns from zero by performing several cross-sectional tests for different event windows and holding periods. To view the full Dissertation click here The purpose of this research is to explore the effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows on economic growth of emerging economies in the Latin American and South East Asian regions.

This aim is attained by employing econometric methods based on panel regression analysis.The researchers who investigate the role of supply chain management in organisational performance might be interested in this dissertation. To view the full Dissertation click here The implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives can turn out to be successful in some organisations and fail for no apparent reasons in others.This research project was conducted with the aim to find out whether these differences can be explained by organisational culture.While these classical concepts assume that organisational transformations occur in a planned and predictable manner, the majority of challenges faced by modern businesses are emergent and urgent in their nature.This problem is especially evident in the UK context where the outcomes of the Brexit referendum create high levels of uncertainty forcing all country organisations to get ready for both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ regulatory paths (Bratton and Gold, 2017, p.32). To view the full dissertation click here Many organisations are now adopting a process of lifecycle management in an effort to maximise the longevity and thus profitability from their products.However, these marketing efforts were insufficient to achieve a consistently high level of brand trust in the company’s online communities.Social media training as well as content marketing are recommended for Cadbury as possible solutions to this problem. To view the full Dissertation click here In the age of social media, customers increasingly turn to them as a source of information on whether certain beauty products or services are worth purchasing (Immediate Future, 2016, p. According to the 2015 survey by Buzz My Videos, 85% of British customers aged 16-45 would trust a review by a You Tube beauty blogger over any other advertising medium (Buzz My Videos, 2015, p. There is evidence that the global beauty industry might be heavily underutilising the potential of social media.The survey method was employed for primary data collection.73 usable questionnaires were collected from the employees of Hyundai’s branch in the UK. To view the full Dissertation click here The constant changes in the external environment and disruptive innovation trends have severely undermined the relevance of such theories as Lewin’s 3-Stage Model of Change (Hossan, 2015, p.53).The current dissertation aims to evaluate the impact made by diverse motivational practices on the individual employee performance in software SMEs located in London.It is argued that the methods of boosting the motivation of the personnel can be produced from the key theories of human motivation and the concept of leadership.


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