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Gregor’s appearance does not help with his mother’s health and this sometimes excites fit’s of violence in his father.

Later in the story even more of his human interests coincide with the giant bug of a man that he has become. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka | Analysis [Internet]. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https://

When the rhythm of the music being played on a violin in the parlor by Grete he becomes very excited.

After the incident in the parlor Grete conveys to the rest of the family that there is no longer a Gregor but now just an insect.

She suggests that they give up on the idea of Gregor ever being human again and with remorse they all agree.

After the collapse of Gregor’s fathers business Gregor had to take up the responsibility of paying off his father’s debts to his boss.

Gregor’s father is very upset with the fact that he doesn’t work and feels ashamed for not being the provider as he feels the father should be.At this point in his dilemma you would think that his mind would be full of insanity, but not Gregor Samsa he thinks of it as all foolishness and even considers going back to sleep.In going back to sleep Gregor’s problem isn’t the horrid fact that he’s now a bug it is instead that in this bug form it is hard for him to sleep on his side, which is the side that he is comfortable with.Grete and Gregor’s fathers feelings over the effect that Gregor’s mother, her only son that is now an insect is making her health worse and worse and leaves Grete and her father to resent Gregor.As days go on and pass he is more and more separated and isolated from his family because of what he has become.The music coming from the parlor sways him from his room and he cannot help but to dance his way into the parlor. When the loggers catch site of him the family cannot handle it any longer and in that is the breaking point for the family. The psychological effect that Gregor has on his family is one of fear and disgust.His younger sister Grete tries to help at first by feeding him everyday and showing sympathy but after a while it just become too much for Grete to handle.Once the realization that Gregor as a giant insect can hardly have or hold down a job sets in the father again gets to step back into the lime light as the breadwinner and provider.Gregor begins to become useless to his family in his present form.


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