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Theology, in contrast to religion is.....twelve days, until he was allowed to live forever.

Odysseus went to Underworld to speak to Tiresias to get valuable advices from him.

The literary, the poem portrays a boy who arrives home from school where he was “moaning in the college sick bay” after receiving the news of the death of his younger brother who was involved in an accident.

Just about to arrive home, “4I met my father crying.” ...

It should be noted that the use of the imagery in the poem has managed to draw the audience ultimately into the gap created by the poem.

For instance death has been used a gap which is a life altering factors that is a well an impenetrable.

Te Ching...... Seamus Heaney's Mid - Term Break The poem, Mid - Term Break by Seamus Heaney deals with the theme of death and loss.

The poet tells of his younger brother's untimely death, the crippling effect it has on his family and himself and their individual efforts to recuperate from the devastating effects left by death in its wake.

A religion is believed to mould a person into a better human being.

But this does not guarantee that people involved in a religion are religious.


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