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These are facilities that are not provided by many of comparative companies.Forming a cohesive workforce is one of the major issues companies struggle with, the process of recruitment and training of manpower is a hectic and resource intensive (Bruce, 2002, p.18).Once a need is satisfied, it ceases to be a source of motivation to an individual and therefore the individual focuses their energy on the unsatisfied needs.

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The paper further examines how SAS institute has applied these theories to motivate employees.

SAS institute is ranked among the top a hundred organizations in the US to work with.

The factors are expectancy, valence and instrumentality (Davies, 2007, p.

78) expectancy is the measure of the level of outcome that an individual perceives his or her effort in a particular task will result into.

The perks paid in terms of salaries and bonus is well to standard to enable employees meet their basic needs.

Employees need to feel secure and protected in an organization.Employees are motivated to work hard for an organization, based on the outcome they expect to satisfy their needs.They always seek to attain satisfaction for unsatisfied needs.The needs are ranked in a hierarchy, which he illustrates using the Maslows need hierarchy.The hierarchy has five levels of needs; ranging from; physiological needs, security and safety, belonging, self esteem and self actualization as the highest need in the pyramid (Hellriegel & Scolum 2008, p. Maslow emphasizes that the lower level needs are the basic human needs – physiological needs must be satisfied first before the next need levels.Managers at the institution are committed to the welfare and motivation of employees.The institution adopted a holistic reward system that integrates both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation strategies.Security is one of the needs on Maslows’ needs hierarchy, Maslow points out that human beings seek to be protected.In an organization, employees should be treated well and made to feel part of the company or organization.This can either be intrinsic; drawn from within or extrinsic-drawn from material rewards.Companies and organizations need to motivate their employees in order to achieve high productivity from them.


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