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The public not only has the right to know what sort of man he really is; it is the duty of the public to know.” Tarbell was born in Hatch Hollow, Pennsylvania, in 1857. Tarbell’s parents started manufacturing oil barrels from wood. But neither shipping containers nor pipelines nor barges nor railroad cars to hold the messy liquid existed yet.

The sticky goo and stench and noise related to digging, extracting, and transporting oil from wells defined Tarbell’s childhood.

After women achieved the franchise, Catt reorganized the National American Women Suffrage Association into the League of Women Voters.

Carrie Chapman Catt formulated a plan to achieve women’s suffrage.

The Man with the Muck rake seeks material advances by raking filth.

Roosevelt defined this term as "one who inquires into and publishes scandal and allegations of corruption among political and business leaders".Just as the rich are still with us, so are the investigative reporters.I have been an investigative reporter for 45 years. On the surface, Tarbell seemed an unlikely figure to rock the world of the Robber Barons.In time, she became the group's association's state organizer during the years of 1980 to 1892. Catt soon started working in the national organization of National American Woman Suffrage Association writing article, gaining political experience, and giving speeches at conferences in places such as Washington D. She was passed down to role of the President of the National American Women Suffrage Association, a successor of Susan B. Catt led this organization during the final challenge of the right to vote before the Nineteenth Amendment, a law allowing women to vote, was ratified in 1920.Catt worked through both state and federal levels persuading legislators to give women the right of suffrage as citizens.Funerals in the aftermath of oil well explosions and fires occurred often around Hatch Hollow and the nearby city of Titusville.Every day the local gossip was about one get-rich-quick hustler or another.Although published in 1904, the book read as if written the previous week, given its richly documented narrative about how a brilliant entrepreneur created a behemoth from scratch, then allowed his pride and greed to push him into moral and legal ambiguity.Tarbell’s commitment to transparency and public knowledge inspired me.yellow journalism of the 1890s, which whetted the public appetite for news arrestingly presented, and out of popular magazines, especially those established by S. The emergence of muckraking was heralded in the January 1903 issue of The intense public interest aroused by articles critical of political corruption, industrial monopolies, and fraudulent business practices rallied journalists, novelists, and reformers of all sorts to sharpen their criticism of American society.


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