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(As for whether Alvarez will continue to use the 1020 for big assignments in the future, it’s highly unlikely; he explains why below.) We recently chatted with Alvarez about his trip, and picked his brain about the device and smartphone photography in general. And that seem like logistically a good way to do it.

I had about a week (to play with the camera before the assignment), so I had gotten used to it.

And that would just give me that much more quality.

(Editors’ note: With the latest firmware update, the Lumia 1020 can now shoot RAW files.) How was your experience using the phone during the 10-day trip?

“That was a concern of Nokia’s, so they gave me some stealth coverage for it that made it look very generic.

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We were really worried around the Grand Canyon, where there would be a lot of public people.” Although Nokia funded the campaign, Alvarez does seem genuinely impressed with the 1020, which has been praised by many others – us included – for its photography prowess. Nokia called my commercial rep and said, “We have this new camera coming out, and we’d be interested in having Stephen think about where he’d take it, and we would really want him to show off the capabilities of the camera.” So I proposed a couple of ideas, and we settled on the Southwest because of the timing and I really wanted to see how this camera performed in a really big landscape; because you’re trying to show off a sensor like this, you want as much detail as possible.Because I have this prerelease model, they asked me not to put it on a network – any kind of network at all. (I use it as a phone now – it’s great.) Since I turned to digital photography solely in 2003, my biggest concern is how I’m gonna keep my cameras powered.And so we would recharge in the car, or I have a couple of little brick USB batteries that I would carry with me and charge the phone if we had some down time.I had actually met two people on the development team a week before I left.We met in a hotel room in New York and they swore me to secrecy and showed me the super secret camera.“They said, ‘Oh, and by the way, the ultimate destination for one of these pictures is gonna be a three-page photograph on the inside cover of the 125th anniversary edition of National Geographic that celebrates photography,’ I almost threw up.I mean, I just thought, I don’t know if I can take the pressure.To show that the phone’s camera is highly capable, Nokia has collaborated with professional photographers where they were asked to use the Lumia 1020 in their type of work, in place of a traditional camera.With Alvarez, he was asked to document the American Southwest during a 10-day journey, which was tied to a Nokia ad campaign in the photography-centric October issue of National Geographic and an online advertorial component detailing Alvarez’s assignment on Nat Geo’s website.It would produce the results that they claim it would produce. If anyone has tried to shoot a picture like in a bar or restaurant with a camera phone, it’s a disaster always just because the sensors are small and they don’t perform well in low light.This camera’s got a really big sensor and so I was shooting constantly at ISO 1,600, but sometimes up to 3,200, and getting really good results.


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