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Still, others are fresh takes on classic ideas—sometimes all you need is a new angle. The article may be about the star of the movie, the president or a famous chef, but who is doing the important behind-the-scenes work? What are the top five trending topics in your region, in your country and across the globe? The bestseller lists are a good way to ascertain what’s current and interesting to people at any given moment. The editorial staffs of women’s magazines have known for decades what the online world is only just discovering: People love lists—the longer, the better. Find an old newspaper and skim through the headlines. Examples include a politician’s campaign promises and whether they held true, or updates on people who lost their homes during a natural disaster. Test tips and theories offered by experts on how to solve problems.

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So we’ve come up with 20 ways to generate salable article ideas in fewer than 20 minutes each. “7 Ways Your Friends Can Prove Key to Your Job Search” could be one angle. Those are your potential interests—write them down. Look on Amazon for the latest books on topics that interest you.

Some are gleaned from personal experience, while others require quick research online or in trade or consumer publications. “How Your Job Is Killing Your Social Life—and What to Do About It” is another. Find the hidden character in a news story, profile or narrative piece. Look online for a list of upcoming things to do in your region (scan conference schedules, check special events, etc.). Now ask yourself what else you would like to know about them. Pick a book and browse through its list of chapters for article ideas that you can give new slants and angles to. Instead of “101 Ways to Save More This Month” write, “101 Ways I Saved $1,389 in One Month.” 11.

Here are a few of the most common types of newspaper articles.​ News writing is the basic news reporting you’ll find in print.

News writing explains the who, what, when, where, and why of noteworthy items. A staff writer usually covers the news as it occurs.

Writing newspaper articles such as these is a skill that many writers can cultivate.

But for most freelancers, coming up with timely ideas that spur editors to assign stories is one of the most difficult—and time consuming—parts of the business. Pick up any trade magazine lying around the house (perhaps even this one! Combine the two topics to come up w ith a clever idea. Pitch stories about the subjects of those events to in-flight, trade and specialty magazines. Think of a magazine or newspaper article that you’ve recently read. Will you be found camping in the mountains, playing the piano or learning salsa?But, it's paid for by an advertiser and is intended to promote their service or product.An auto manufacturer or dealership might buy a page dedicated to a piece about road travel.If you can work evenings covering municipal meetings or are knowledgeable about a topic that could help others, you stand a good chance of landing a job at a newspaper, either as a correspondent – still widely known in the industry as a stringer – or as a columnist.While you don’t necessarily need a journalism degree, you must be a capable writer who works well under deadline pressure.A freelancer would have no way of knowing what advertisers are on board with this new advertising technique.You might write about that road trip, but if the newspaper has no automotive advertisers who are interested in sponsored content, you won't sell your content. Think about the two biggest problems you’re facing right now. Can you take a different angle or approach to help answer those questions?Share what a day in the life of a White House staffer or sous-chef looks like. So come up with 101 ways to do something, be something or know something, and you have a winner. Choose 10 of the current most popular diets, for instance, and talk to dieticians to see if they really withstand scientific analysis. Pitch a “get better at persuasion” article to a women’s magazine. Write an article on how you can motivate your kids to do housework. Remember those word games in which one person would come up with a word and then every other person would have to somehow come up with a related one? Think of a word, a sentence or a phrase, and then come up with ideas related to it. Dig up your favorite photo album, an old magazine or just pictures that are lying around the house.However, freelancers may be able to slant recent news into a feature article or research the news event more in-depth.There's also the possibility of a scoop – the stars align and you know something has occurred that no one else is aware of yet.


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