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Yet there is only one solution to the central question we have raised, and it is argued convincingly by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira in his essay, “The Church and the Communist State, the Impossible Coexistence.”Author’s Preface When this study was first published in August 1963, Communist propaganda and diplomacy increasingly strove to foster a regime of peaceful coexistence between the capitalist and communist worlds.At that time, relations between East and West were just beginning to emerge from the Cold War.The “pacifist” Soviet effort was directed mainly at the two great pillars of resistance to communism: in the temporal sphere, the United States, and in the spiritual sphere, the Catholic Church.

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c) Last but not least, Russian military power grows more and more even as the United States loses influence around the world and allows the Russians to catch up with its military might.

If anyone had dared predict such calamities when this study was first published, very few people would have believed him.

It is imperative to mention at least three of them: a) There is a growing malaise between Western Europe and the United States that poses a grave threat to the NATO alliance.

b) An economic and financial crisis, confusing in both its causes and manifestations, appears to be eroding the economy of the West.

At the same time, on the world scene, events developed in such a way as to lead us, at present, to this finding: Moscow’s growing “pacifist” approaches have attained immense transformations and are, to a large extent, achieving their goals.

The détente promoted by Nixon and Kissinger between the West and Communist nations continues unabated.In this way, they would eventually arrive at the end of the road, communism.The future will show that the various phases in this process of “convergence” are nothing but stages in the march toward the most extreme and radical type of communism.And while the anti-religious campaign continued full blast throughout the Communist world, the illusion that a truly peaceful coexistence was possible between the Church and Communist regimes continued to gain ground.This study is intended to create in Catholic circles as many obstacles as possible to Moscow’s deceitful “pacifist” maneuver.Over the years, this work has seen editions in various languages: ten in Portuguese, one in German, eleven in Spanish, three in French, one in Hungarian, four in English, two in Italian, and one in Polish, for a total of 160,000 copies.It has also been published in its entirety in more than thirty newspapers and magazines in eleven different countries.Considered as a whole, this panorama gives us an impressive view of the escalation of Communist power worldwide.And it also begs the question of whether this escalation still has other aspects that should be considered.But the majority of the people today, facing these undeniable facts, do not recognize them as surprising, let alone calamious.This is perhaps the worst calamity of all the torpor of the good.


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