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Once you know who you’re teaching and what you’d like them to learn, you can be more specific. Following the example above, a beginners’ course may include real-world scenarios to build practical skills.A more advanced e Learning course needs to be more targeted and interactive e Learning content may be required.

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Watch this video slide show A Closer Look at PLT’s Online Workshops: What’s included, and how to get started.

For a sneak peek into PLT’s newest curriculum online, check out this Introduction to PLT’s E-Units for Grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

With dedication and training, you will soon get a clear understanding of project management methodologies and be the binding force that holds a project together.

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If you’re still feeling lost, you could review similar e Learning courses and see how other people are doing it.

Study e Learning courses within your genre and see what works and what doesn’t.Throughout the courses, participants apply what they learn as they learn, receiving personalized feedback from a coach as well as from fellow participants.For the semester-long courses, participants register for the courses with colleagues from their work setting, and so the courses become a way to support collaboration and sharing within as well as across schools, districts, and organizations.This will help you select the length of the e Learning course, as well as its complexity.Learning objectives can also influence the e Learning assessment methods that will be incorporated into the e Learning course.Compliance online training courses generally require corporate learners to memorize new codes of conduct.Multiple-choice scenarios or yes/no prompts can help with retention levels.It could be a hobbyist e Learning course pursued in a learner’s spare time.It could be an accredited diploma or degree that helps an employee advance in their career.We expect to open the application by the end of October.These online workshops are self-paced courses composed of several 20-30 minute learning experiences, called “coursels.” Each coursel has been designed using best practices in online learning and teacher professional development (review PLT’s online courses are designed for educators who are comfortable with self-directed learning.


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