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It is difficult to know which answers admissions committees deem as “good” and which are deemed as “bad”.Obviously it is a matter of opinion and everyone has a different combination of reasons to be a doctor.

The human body itself is an incredible thing to study and medical students and doctors have the opportunity to further examine it with the most innovative technology.

From the pumping of the heart to drugs that take away pain to machines that allow you look inside a person, modern medicine remains one of the most fascinating subjects in the world.||What are medical schools looking for in applicants? Trust and honor By the virtue of their title, doctors are trusted with sensitive information that most other people would not have access to.

Never a dull moment Physicians interact with different kinds of people with various ailments every day.

The variety of experiences guarantees that every day will have some sort of excitement.||Why did our writer Emily Singer apply to medical school? Other opportunities Just because you are a doctor does not mean you have to see patients all day every day.

Influence and respect Like it or not, by default, doctors are in a position of power.

They are considered the leaders in health care and often have the final say on treatment decisions. Even outside the work setting, doctors are regarded highly (just think how your impression of someone changes when you find out he or she is a doctor).


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