Patricia Piccinini The Young Family Essay

The creature in ‘The Young Family’ has certain similarities to the dead creature in Salvador Dali’s ‘The persistence of memory’.

Open an word doc on your computer and attempt to relate two questions from each agent (artist, artwork, audience, world) to your artwork.

Take your time and when your finished make sure you save it because you may need it later.

The work is open to the general public however the main audience would mainly be people interested in art and have some level of art knowledge.

Piccinini was influenced by the world of science and biotechnologies.

The Framework consists of four agencies; artist, artwork, world and audience.

Each of these agencies describe and integral aspect of an artwork.

As Scala remarks in his introductory essay (which bears the same title as the exhibition and book), “If our inner beings are combinations of reason and instinct, traits we often think of as distinguishing human from animal, then fairy tales and other fantastic representations can close gaps within ourselves, and between us and the world.” The many artists represented in this beautiful catalog help us close the gaps by leaping imaginatively across them as if they didn’t exist.

Scala argues against notions of human exceptionalism that would prevent such gambols.

“Here there be monsters,” maps once proclaimed in banner notes alongside drawings of giant fish awaiting sailors foolish enough to ignore these helpful warnings.

We have always used monsters to speak to ourselves and each other about our deepest fears.


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