Personal Development Plan Assignment

These ways and the methods of encouragement whole life learning are discussed understood in detail here below: The self managed or the self regulated learning is the effective way to analyse and evaluate own competencies and skills and improve and develop them to gain the achievement of effective results and the efficiency in the work.

There are certain benefits to the individual as well as the organization in achieving the self managed learning.

Self SWOT analysis and the needs to achieve the overall development of an individual are briefly described.

A development plan and the feedback or the evaluation of the performance and the development of an individual are also covered in the assignment.

This learning technique provides the individual to analyse the desires and the wants to achieve.

Approaches to self managed learning are the ways or the efforts that can be put to achieve the self directed learning (Cunningham, 2010).This assignment also talks about the problems of the work and the interpersonal skills and the skills which can be transferred as well as the time management skills.The aim or the purpose of the assignment is to develop the understanding of self analysing the skills and the competencies in order to achieve the achievement in own goals and the objectives effectively as well as efficiently.This report further discusses the different ways of improving the personal and professional lifelong learning of an individual.The report will explain the benefits of the self learning capability of an individual to an organization and to the person.The employee using these plans should improve and develop the skills and the capabilities and then should able to analyse the learning and the objectives of the development plan.The employees should be able to compare the objectives and the aims of the development plan and the achieved objectives by the individual (Shucksmith,, 2010).Lifelong learning is the continuous learning of an individual which provides the advance and deep knowledge about the different concepts.For lifelong learning an individual should put efforts and should analyse the performance and the development of the individual continuous and lifelong.The study of this report help us to build a conclusion that the there are various approaches to self learning management which can improve the skills and the competencies of the individual.The lifelong learning can improve the knowledge of the individual and it provides the ability to learn for the whole life of an individual.


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