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For example, if you want to address some bad grades you got in college due to a chronic illness, think about what you learned from the experience.

For example, if you want to address some bad grades you got in college due to a chronic illness, think about what you learned from the experience.

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For most people this is chronological, but if you’ve taken a so-called “non-traditional” path to grad school, you may need to jump around and describe your experiences more thematically.

No matter what, signposting throughout your essay will be key.

Prompts tend to be so similar that you could probably flesh out an outline without ever looking at an institution-specific application.

Once you have expanded your story, tailoring it to specific schools should be a breeze — adding a little here to elaborate on your research experience, subtracting a little there to meet a strict word limit.

The personal statement is your opportunity to guide the way your readers interpret the rest of your application, and provide context that wouldn’t fit anywhere else.

As we mentioned above, you could organize your story in a number of ways, but we recommend favoring the structure that most clearly illustrates your personal growth.If there’s a big break in your resume or a blemish on your transcript, your personal statement is an opportunity for you to tell your side of the story.That said, you ultimately want your essay to draw attention to your strengths, growth, and triumphs.Lucky for you, dear applicant, we’ve done this before, and we have crafted a list of essential tips to help you get organized, sculpt your story, and distinguish yourself from your closest competition.This should be your mantra for the entire application process.You won’t be able to tell your whole life story in your personal statement — and you shouldn’t try!Instead, set aside some time to brainstorm and hone a list of key personal, professional, and academic experiences.Sometimes the clearest option is to address each area of your life separately, but the narrative can feel stilted.Often going with a more chronological or thematic structure will help illustrate your personal growth and demonstrate how your personal, professional, and academic experiences complement and build on each other.State your intentions at the beginning so you can easily circle back throughout your essay.You are trying to help your readers envision you at their institution, so use the entire essay to build and strengthen the connection.


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