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Remember that your work is to persuade the reader: This is a paper that definitely has a specific argument that you need to present.

Because of this reason, you have to make sure that you introduce it, so that from the beginning, you highlight what you are trying to achieve with this task.

There are also others who support it, especially those who cite the milestones that have been achieved in the world of medicine in the past.

Therefore, when you are given a paper on animal testing to work on, you can be sure that you will be having varied research content to work with, and your work could easily become contentious, depending on how you present your arguments.

There must be some alternatives that you would have thought about with respect to animal testing.

You must therefore make sure that you look into these and address them well.While some of you may have an image that’s somewhere between ethical testing and torture, I’m sure many of you will either see Image #1 or Image #2.Animal testing is one of those topics that can polarize opinions.A proper introduction is an incredible way for you to make sure that things run smoothly, and more importantly, that you are able to get the attention of the reader from the word go.What are some of the pros and cons of animal testing?Most of the time, students who pay attention to the basics will get to ace tasks like this one very easily.To help you out, here are some of the main points that you have to include in your persuasive essay on animal testing.You have to highlight this, before you can present your final statements.Make sure that you argue favorably, without showing any signs of bias in your content.I’ve also included an MLA 8 citation and APA citation for each article.Written by a cardiologist, this article provides a brief overview of the history of animal testing but ultimately argues that animal testing is necessary and beneficial.


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