Persuasive Essays On Cell Phones While Driving

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In order to do so, they have to take a cell phone into one hand and drive a car with their free hand.When one or two hands are used to type on a phone, it will cause the frequency of wheel corrections to be reduced or delayed (Owens, Mc Laughlin, & Sudweeks, 2011).As expected, it would affect their lateral vehicle control as drivers with busy hands have slower responses to hazards.Before everything else, texting while driving constitutes a visual distraction for the driver.Even 5 seconds are enough to take away one’s attention from the street for texting while driving.If the driver constantly glimpses away from the road for reading and typing messages, reaction time to events, detection of hazards and vehicle control suffer.Other activities distract the driver less than that.Next, those who text while driving spend nearly 10% of their time outside of their lane.Comparing to baseline driving, those at the wheel do not control their vehicle within the lane as accurate.The latest essay I've ordered from your service is the proof you guys are really the best and why I continue using your assistance!Apart from that, texting while driving influences the speed at which the car moves. On the other hand, the decreasing of speed is compensated by visual distraction to some degree.


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