Peter Weir Truman Show Essay

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What surprised me upon a recent rewatch was just how emotional and complex its ideas are — it is not a silly Jim Carrey film, but a probing exploration of hard truths and the courage to say goodbye.They do this by using advertising to their advantage.The media will twist Truman's realism by giving him false information about how he lives and the events that happen to him.One example of when this has happened is when Truman is pressed up against a sign so that everyone watching will see what the sign is advertising.Another example of when The Truman Show capitalizes on advertising is when they get Meryl to advertise a Mococoa drink.In The Truman Show special effects are readily used to create scenarios where the truth is fabricated for the interests of the show.For example when Truman is a little child he and his father are out sailing when Christof, the creator of the show, changes the natural environment to create large waves so that Truman's father is thrown overboard.Titled “What The Truman Show Teaches Us About Politics,” it considers, among other things, the process of “waking up” from one state of political and ideological understanding, then moving towards another. Enlightenment and freedom are not always a path full of sunny skies and gently rocking waves, but, sometimes, a black abyss.What does so powerfully, he states, is show how this process is not easy. Difficult to face, harsh in its reality, but just as important for it.The director creates a fictional storm and tires to capsize the boat but then realizes it would not be smart to kill the star.The director terminated the storm and Truman finds a set of stairs labeled exit.


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