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Phd Thesis On Vlsi-53
To show that photonic interconnects are viable even for commoditized and cost-sensitive memory, we develop the first monolithic electronic-photonic links in bulk CMOS.

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Providing preprints, granting interviews, discussing data with members of the media, or participating in press conferences in advance of publication without prior approval from the technical program chair may be grounds for rejection.

The key device for VLSI photonics is the optical microring resonator, a compact micrometer-scale device enabling energy-efficient modulation, DWDM channel selection, and sometimes even photo-detection.

It is the responsibility of the technical program chair to ensure that each work contains significant new material and that the new material constitutes the majority of the work.

Though the final decision for what constitutes pre-published material lies with the appropriate technical program chair, the following guidelines should make clear how to comply with this policy.

Silicon-photonic optical links overcome the fundamental tradeoffs of electrical wires; dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) - where multiple data channels share a single waveguide or fiber to greatly extend bandwidth density - and the potential to combine at chip-scale with a very large scale integrated (VLSI) CMOS electrical chip make them a promising alternative for next-generation processor I/O.

As electrical wires suffer from high channel losses, pin-count constraints, and crosstalk, they are projected to fall short of the demands required by future memory systems.Failure to do so is a violation of this policy and can result in rejection of the paper.Disclosures that are not usually considered prepublication include: Invited papers should be identified as such in either conference proceedings, as they contain, by their nature primarily pre-published material but are of interest to the society as a whole.The transparent compilation of Tangram enables a simple analysis of power, performance, and costs of generated VLSI circuits.This method has been applied to several industrial applications, including a 2-IC realization of a DCC error corrector comprising 155 k transistors.Our capability for innovative design is what sets us apart from the competition.Our R&D's continuous enhancement of our engineering capabilities allows us to develop products with better value and performance.A key guideline consists of evaluating whether material is publicly available either through electronic download or orderable in printed form.Such material is considered prepublished and does not qualify as new material.We apply a programming approach to the design of these circuits using the CSP-based VLSI-programming language Tangram.So-called handshake circuits form an intermediate architecture between Tangram and asynchronous circuits.


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