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Physic Lab Report-70
Results and Discussion This section analyses the results of the experiment.

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Write legibly or (even better) type, and use proper grammar.

Points will be taken off for misspelled words and incorrect grammar.

However, don't always expect to get accuracy this good.

In some experiments an 80% error might be reasonable because of component tolerances.

The nature of the experiment has a bearing on the expected accuracy.

This web page presents a sample laboratory report written in a thermal fluids course (ME 2984) at Virginia Tech.

Both of these transducers produced voltage signals (in Volts) that were calibrated to the pressure (k Pa) and temperature (K) of the air (the atmospheric pressure for where the experiment occurred is assumed to be 13.6 psia).

In addition, the theoretical temperature (K) of air was calculated as a function of the measured pressured values (k Pa).

This introductory section is intended for you, the student, to use as a guide and reference for general physics laboratory.

It is important that you read the practices and procedures as outlined in this introduction.


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