Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

Physician Assisted Suicide Essay-45
Many believe that terminally ill patients should be able to choose when they should die.

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Many people feel that physician assisted suicide is wrong regardless of the persons health condition. Those who choose physician-assisted suicide have more than one different form of physician-assisted suicide, but they all end in suicide.

They feel that it is an insult to God as well as it being murder. Ed Newman states that there are four arguments for legalizing physician-assisted suicide.

There are many issues involving physician-assisted suicides.

The main issues are that the terminally ill should be able to choose when they should die, physician-assisted suicide would help alleviate the suffering of both the terminally ill patient and their family, and physicians should not be prosecuted for their role in physician-assisted suicide.For the Stoics there was nothing necessarily immoral in suicide, which could be rational and the best option (Long 1986, 206).Conversely, in the Christian tradition, suicide has largely been seen as immoral, defying the will of God, being socially harmful and opposed to nature (Edwards 2000).Choosing for a more painless death comes a lot easier for patients along with family who witness the pain of their loved is enduring with all the medications and treatments (which tend to cause severe side effects). Especially knowing that the chances of survival are very slim for the patient.Supports of the mercy killing ask whether it is rational or not to keep a terminally ill patient who’s hopes of survival are slim and alive on a support system when our medical infrastructure is under immense pressure (Naik, 2011).The Mercy Argument, which states that the immense pain and indignity of prolonged suffering cannot be ignored.We are being inhumane to force people to continue suffering in this way (Newman, 1996).This view, to follow Hume, ignores the fact that by dint suicide being possible it is not against nature or God (Hume 1986).Nevertheless, the idea of being allowed to take our own lives impinges on the ethics of public policy in a variety of ways.Physician assisted suicide is a very controversial subject.In today’s society, people who commit suicide are known as “insane,” a person who takes prescription pills is known as a “drug addict” or “criminal.” However, when a doctor honors a patient’s request for a lethal dose of medicine, (which the patient will inject themselves) to end their life in peace is considered to be a murderer.


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